Pieve di Campoli

The Person at the Center

Pieve di Campoli

The person at the center

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The Person at the Center

Producing in agriculture, means being aware of every part of one's work, treating each stage with the same importance and attention as the next. But above all it is the exchange, from one hand to another, of a moment that, as in a chain, will be the prelude to the next. Each person who works on the farm, leaves his or her imprint on the final product, each drop of wine and oil is the fruit of the passage, from hand to hand of the work of others...


The influence of terroir in the wines produced is an asset, and the variety of altitudes and climates give rise to unique wines, each an expression of the vineyard from which it comes. All of the winery's vineyards are on hillsides or terraced slopes with varied exposures but all characterized by conditions that guarantee the best yields in terms of quality of the various grape varieties.

Two expressions of one passion

In Cortine, where the vinification cellar and the cooperage are located, well before the birth of the winery, excellent wine was already being produced; the priest of the rectory, Don Agostino Giotti, made it with vines that are now a hundred years old and still exist and endure, in the vineyards bordering the church.
Together with the farmer who helped him with the farm work, those processes were carried out that before being such were true rituals of the peasant culture. The vines were brought according to the two historical forms of cultivation of the "Tuscan capovolto" and that of the vine "maritata" to saplings of poplar, elm or pear, according to traditions that are lost even in the Etruscan culture.
Thus it was that word spread in the surrounding villages, of a legendary, very good wine, made "by the priest" of Cortine, who jealously guarded it for himself and for the few who were lucky enough to be able to taste it...

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The olive tree and oil. A symbol and a resource

The 18,000 olive trees, testify to how much the cultivation of this plant, is of fundamental importance in the company's economy.
The land, spans several municipalities and is all related to and within the Chianti and Chianti Classico area. The harvested olives are pressed internally at the farm mill within 24 hours.
Two oil selections are produced, a Tuscan EVO oil and the new, prestigious Chianti Classico DOP, called "Campus Oli," in honor of the oil vocation of the land from which the selection comes.

A little gem in the heart of Chianti Classico

The farm also owns some apartments, inside the small medieval village of the charming hamlet of Cortine, in the municipality of Barberino/Tavarnelle (FI) formerly home to the winery. In a dream setting surrounded by the property's historic vineyards, it is possible to relax while enjoying what the Tuscan countryside has to offer in every season.
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