Born of the earth

Campoli & Cortine wines. Two expressions of a single passion

The farm since its inception has had winemaking and the production of quality wines as its production focus.
The evolution of the wine market has led to a consequent and parallel process in the farm that has elevated and adapted its products to the demands of an increasingly demanding national and international market.
The various territorial souls have been condensed into two product lines, one that traces the most traditional and historical expression of the winery, the Pieve di Campoli Line, and a second one, born in 2019 to enhance the cru area of the ancient village of Cortine and which gives its name to the line of the same name.

The two lines are part of two distinct Additional Geographical Units of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium namely San Casciano val di Pesa (Pieve di Campoli line) and San Donato in Poggio (Cortine line), both with different characteristics peculiar to their own area.