Vin Santo Chianti Classico Cortine DOCG

Vinsanto has ancient roots and there are many credited versions on the origin of the name; for us there is no doubt: the name comes from its use during religious ceremonies.
According to an unbroken tradition, even today our bottles are produced according to traditional methods and are placed on the market only after meeting the liturgical requirements of the Cathedral Chapter.
This is the vinsanto of the Cathedral of Florence.

Like the Vin Santo Pieve, this Vin Santo Cortine shares, the process and place of drying the grapes, but obviously with grapes only from the historic Cortine vineyards, where along with a base of Trebbiano Toscano grapes of Malvasia compete together, which together with a more thorough drying process, lead to a slightly sweeter product and a fuller, rounder taste on the palate.

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Product Description.

Appellation: Vin Santo del Chianti Classico Pieve DOCG
Production area: municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle, loc. Cortine
Vineyard elevation: between 300 mt and 370 mt
Harvest: end of September, hand picked in boxes
Withering: on trellises, in rooms at room temperature and with a natural withering process until the perfect sugar concentration is reached.
Fermentation and aging: after pressing, in oak barrels for at least 48 months
Alcohol content 15.5% vol.

Tasting notes:
Amber yellow in color, the nose has a complex bouquet where hints of dried fruit, caramel notes, honey predominate.
In particular, aromas of date, dried apricot predominate.
On the palate it is harmonious and smooth, velvety, good structure, pleasantly sweet.
Mature cheeses, dry pastries, Prato cantuccini biscuits and in general traditional sweets with almond paste.
Serving temperature: 10 degrees

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