Experiences & Wine Tours

Discover the Heart of Chianti with our unique food and wine tours

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an extensive food and wine tour, where our best labels are harmoniously paired with traditional Tuscan dishes. 

Our facility is not just a tasting place, but a true epicenter of our production activities. Inside our exhibition space, you can discover the history and passion we put into the production of our wines. Visit the cellars where our wine is patiently aged, and stroll through the winery's main vineyards, where every bunch is cultivated with care and dedication.

Tasting"Tuscan Flavors"

The tour begins with a visit to our picturesque vineyards, where you will appreciate the beauty of the Tuscan landscape and learn the secrets of viticulture.

Next, we will move to the winery, where, in a clear and simple way, we will explain the path that grapes take to turn into wine, from arrival at the winery to bottling.

The tour continues in our refined barrique cellar, a fascinating and historically rich environment where wine matures in fine wood barrels. Here, our experts will explain how different aging times and barrel characteristics help develop the distinctive aromas and flavors of each type of wine.

The tour will end in our winery where you will enjoy 3 of our best labels and our vinsanto served along with a board of typical Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses.

1h 20 min.


40€ pp

cost pp.

10:00 a.m.

Meeting time*

Tasting "Taste and Tradition"

Immerse yourself in a complete food and wine experience with our "Taste and Tradition" tasting. In addition to tasting our wines and vin santo, we offer a lunch that includes samples of two traditional pasta dishes and a tasting of our fine extra virgin olive oil. This is a unique opportunity to explore the culinary richness of Chianti, paired with our fine wines.

2h 30 min.


60€ pp

cost pp.

12:00 p.m.

Meeting time*

Where to find us

Our tastings take place at our Tavarnelle Barberino (FI) operations office at the Cortine location 

For More Information

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